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RUPDB is a software package for real-time SCADA and distributed dynamic data gathering applications. It is made up of a suite of software modules that run on a number of different operating systems: QNX, MS Windows and GNU/LINUX.

RUPDB is scalable: it is used to build simple embedded data loggers with only a few I/O points and it is also used to implement distributed networked systems that contain hundreds of data points.

RUPEMS is a software package designed for the Excursion Monitoring System and similar applications. The RUPEMS package builds on top of RUPDB and adds functions required for marine environments.

RUPDB overview


  • Embedded Database
  • High Speed
  • Small Resource Footprint
  • Modular
  • Scaleable
  • Distributed Network
  • Redundant Data Links
  • Multi-platform: QNX, MS Windows, GNU/Linux
  • Robust/Reliable
  • Customisable
  • Low System Management
  • Vendor-neutral Hardware
  • Virtualisation Support
  • Cost Effective
  • Web Interface


  • Pipeline Telemetry
  • Digital Oil Field
  • Data Distribution
  • Data Loggers
  • Intelligent Instruments
  • Embedded Controllers
  • SCADA Devices
  • Control Systems
  • Flow Computers
  • Virtual Meters


  • FPSO Excursion Monitoring
  • Shuttle Tanker Offloading
  • Weather Systems


A typical RUPDB system will run continuously for months on end and will require little or no system management. The RUPDB software is robust – if the system starts and runs OK for the first few minutes, then it will continue to do so for a long time (usually until the power fails).

RUPDB Applications

RUPDB and Networks
RUPDB is designed to support distributed network environments. The system is based on a "client/server message passing" communications model. All interactions between RUPDB processes are conducted using message passing interprocess communications (IPC) model. Networked applications hence run transparently as local applications.

RUPDB Reliability
RUPDB keeps dynamic memory allocation and freeing to a minimum (in some modules, this is eliminated completely). Process creation is also kept to a minimum: most processes such as server processes, report generators and communications drivers all run continuously. These design principles add to the reliability of a RUPDB system.

Similarly, the core RUPDB disk files such as historic database files, alarm & event logs and process state files are pre-grown to their full size when a RUPDB system is installed. These ensure that a RUPDB system will not run out of resources.



Traditionally, virtualization–allowing multiple distinct operating systems and applications to run in virtual machines and sharing the same server hardware, has been seen as a server technology. With RUPDB SCADA package, virtualization can also be applied to Telemetry and SCADA systems using standard virtualization systems such as VMware ESXi.

RUPDB allows organisations to create virtual machines to perform SCADA and Telemetry functions, optimising existing hardware and keeping operational expenses low.

RUPDB Virtualisation


The RUPDB Computer-Based Ballast Panel Control System can replace the traditional Control Panel found in offshore floating vessels.

The RUPDB solution offers many benefits which include replacing obsolete hardware to provide a more future-proof and supportable system. RUP has supplied a Ballast Panel Control System to Maersk FPSOs.

Ballast Control Source: RUP Project


Ninian Shutdown Signal System
The Ninian Shutdown Signal System is designed to relay discrete I/O data between the Ninian Central, Ninian North, and Ninian South platforms for the purpose of control/shutdown and monitoring. The system has three RUPDB Emergency Shutdown (ESD) Communications Computers, one for each platform.

The Ninian Shutdown Signal System relays discrete I/O data in the Ninian field over the CNR network using IP protocol and optimised UDP transport protocol (RUPDB modules). The ESD Communications Computers run the RUPDB SCADA software package on top of the QNX Operating System.

RUP supplied Ninian Shutdown Signal System to CNR to replace the existing Cyfas Remote Protection Supervisor System. The Ninian Shutdown Signal System has been in use since 2009.

Ninian Central NINIAN CENTRAL (Source:


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